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Jessica is just a mom who loved making ice cream for her family and turned it into Charleston's first ice cream bar shop! With a background in science and nutrition, she wanted to make desserts that anyone would feel good about eating.  As a mom, we all know our kids are going to eat the junk one way or another, so why not make it as good as you can?! Our motto is: "if you're going to eat bad, eat good!"

Holy Sticks is proudly woman owned and super selective of the products we make! Our goal has always been to serve ice cream that is all natural and clean.  No fake ingredients like corn solids and artificial flavors.  We serve locally sourced ice cream that is hand crafted by the owner, Jessica, into their many flavors and all natural dips.

Of course I could offer you natural and clean toppings but what would life be without a little balance! We offer many "clean" ingredients like coconut and a variety of nuts you can top your bars with but we also offer things like cookies, candy bars, and marshmallows.  

We also offer fruit pops, waffle pops and rotating specials (donuts, pop tarts, and more) that can be dipped and topped as well!


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